The captain of the national team of Ukraine explained why he ended the season prematurely

Капитан сборной Украины рассказала, почему завершила сезон досрочно

Ukrainian biathlete Olena Pidhrushna, who has been ahead of the season because of health problems, spoke about his current state.

According to the captain of the national team of Ukraine in biathlon, the diagnosis could not be validated under normal conditions.

In this situation, there have not been any forecasts and predictions, only a gut feeling. The diagnosis could not be validated under normal conditions, so no sports doctor or trainer could not provide it. For many years in our team, for the first time.

“ECG in a resting state and I have today is perfect, there just not visible. After all, have a very strong heart, and a simple EKG does not show such disease. Only a comprehensive survey allowed us to see everything and time to identify,” – said Ukrainian.

She doesn’t dwell on the timing of treatment and hoping to return to work.

Forecasts for treatment rather optimistic, there is no catastrophe. The only likely treatment will require drugs that can be used only with the approval of WADA. In the next few days should see a specialist who will conduct additional consultations and prescribe the accurate treatment
– summed up Elena.

At the moment, Olena Pidhrushna is the second of Ukrainians in the overall world Cup standings, occupying the 36th position in the rankings.

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