The captain of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon may miss the rest of the season: known cause

Капитан сборной Украины по биатлону рискует пропустить остаток сезона: известна причина

Ukrainian biathlete Olena Pidhrushna will miss the eighth stage of the biathlon world Cup in salt lake city.

According to the senior coach of the team Andrey Prokunin, she went to Kyiv to undergo medical examinations in connection with health problems.

It is also known that Elena Pidhrushna will miss the European championship in Raubichi (Belarus), and also can finish performances this season.

The world Cup stage in salt lake city kicks off on Thursday, February 14. But already on 20 February will be the first race of the European championship.

Sport 24 reported that Olena Pidhrushna emotionally responded to the criticism of fans on the social network. On the official website biathlon Federation of Ukraine in Facebook, after a review of a fan “on Williams don’t look back long time rivals, because I don’t remember the last time she come to the finish,” Pidhrushna gave a detailed response.

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