The car flipped 8 times: Potap reported an accident with Kamensky

Машина перевернулась 8 раз: Потап сообщил об аварии с Каменских

The singer was in the hospital with serious injuries.

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The singer Nastya Kamensky and her ex-bofriend got in an accident in which you miraculously survived. The accident occurred a few years ago on the way from Kiev to Nikolaev.

About the incident told the producer and husband of singer Potap the transfer Masha Efrosinina “Test” the channel in “YouTube”. According to the producer, Nastya Kamensky, the ex-boyfriend Vladimir Dyatlov and his family rode to the event in Nikolaev. On the way, their car got into a terrible accident. The car flipped eight times, the singer departed from her, with his head smashing the windshield. She was hospitalized with a concussion and a foot injury.

Unfortunately, in that terrible accident killed the parents of Dyatlov and his sister. Since then, according to Potap, Nastya has revised its Outlook on life, have learned to appreciate, to be always in a good mood, and the comments of the detractors to ignore.

Potapov shared his opinion that a terrible accident changed the fate of his at that time still future spouse. The producer added that after the tragedy Nastya wrote the song “You’re gone”. The singer dedicated it to the dead relatives of a former boyfriend.

Earlier Nastya Kamensky showed subscribers how the “commands” all four elements – fire, water, earth and air.

Nastya Kamensky