The cardiologist called seven foods, best blood thinners

Кардиолог назвал семь продуктов, лучше всего разжижающих кровь

Viscous blood complicates the purification of the body, transport substances.

But to thin the blood with a simple diet. Not necessarily to drink aspirin or other medications.

Also suggest you quit Smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Add a little exercise into your life, even in the form of simple walking.

And be sure to include in your diet these foods:

Olive oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Berries rich in salicylic acid (strawberry, gooseberry, cranberry, raspberry and cherry).

Ginger, which also reduces the level of blood sugar.

Nuts are an excellent source of salicylates, vitamin E and omega fatty acids.

Cinnamon, due to the coumarin in it.

Garlic which has the properties of cleansing the blood.

Hot peppers, it contains capsaicin, which increases blood flow.