The cardiologist listed the main signs of a sick heart

Кардиолог перечислила основные признаки больного сердца

The cardiologist and the therapist Svetlana Zubairova told how to identify the initial signs of the weakening of the heart muscle.

Specialist warned: the following symptoms – a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor. “If you do not deal with health, facing a catastrophe that can lead to death,” warns the doctor.

Shortness of breath during exercise

To distinguish a pathology from norm, it is necessary to monitor the body’s response to loads for some time. The young man who has no heart problems and regularly trains, their exercise tolerance will gradually increase.

“A man with a weak heart, this process will go extremely slowly, maybe even deterioration. If you suddenly, for no apparent reason, decreased exercise tolerance, this is a signal for going to the doctor”, – wrote in his Instagram Svetlana Zubairova.

A feeling of tightness in the chest

“The appearance of a burning sensation or discomfort behind the breastbone in the acceleration of the pace of walking or the cold winter air, a sense of tightness in the chest early in the morning – all this signals that the heart vessels are clogged with cholesterol. This means that you’re about to cause thrombosis and heart attack,” warns the doctor.

Palpitations at rest

Pulse greater than 90 BPM may indicate cardiac arrhythmias. The doctor notes that there are many types of arrhythmias, however, not in all cases require treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo a thorough examination by a cardiologist.

Swelling of legs and feet by the evening

In some cases, the swelling did not have time to disappear over night. Thus, as a rule, people dramatically add to the weight of about 800-1000 grams per day.

“Also, increasing shortness of breath with minimal physical activity. The stomach increases in volume due to the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. Pain in the right upper quadrant due to a sharp increase of the liver, decreased appetite, develops weakness,” says Svetlana Zubairova.

Sleep disorders: people forced to sleep with your head elevated and feet lowered

The cardiologist says that using three or four pillows, and sleep in polusidya position “is a sure sign of a weak heart.”

“Because the heart is working barely, to the limit, blood is not pumped through the kidneys, resulting in fluid retention in the body. The pressure is reduced, accelerated heart rate (90 beats per minute and more). Signs of weakening of the heart muscle: swelling in the legs, water in the abdomen, swelling of the liver, fluid accumulation in the lungs and shortness of breath, aggravated by lying down,” explained the cardiologist.