The cardiologist said the main misconceptions about the work of the heart

Врач-кардиолог назвал основные заблуждения по поводу работы сердца

About well functioning heart there are many well-known theories, but in reality not all of them correspond to medical facts. The portal understood, what are the errors associated with the representation of the heart.

Coffee damages the heart and a glass of red wine a day, on the contrary, strengthens it. On the Internet today are numerous “wise thoughts” of this kind. Some of them are only partially correct. Others are not even remotely similar to the truth. This, in particular, said a cardiologist, a member of the Federal Association of cardiologists recognized Germany (BNK), Heribert Pants.

Portal Focus Online cardiologist talked about what are the main misconceptions about the work of the heart.

Coffee causes an increase in pressure and harm the heart.

This is not so. As explained by Heribert Pants, coffee, or rather caffeine in it can really enhance blood pressure. But that only happens for a short time and only with people who are not used to coffee. Those who drink coffee regularly, the body is unlikely to show a similar reaction. If the person likes coffee, is in any case will not lead to hypertension, said the expert. The cardiologist believes is harmless to four cups of coffee a day – even for people with high blood pressure. He recalled that coffee is also known to reduce the risk of dementia and diabetes.

Red wine protects the heart.

This is not so. Many people sincerely believe in the healthy effects of alcohol. Especially good for the heart is the red wine. Cardiologist Heribert Pants emphasizes that even small amounts of alcohol increases the risk of atrial fibrillation, a very dangerous kinds of heart arrhythmias, which often lead to stroke.

Atherosclerosis occurs in the elderly.

This is not so. Atherosclerosis, i.e., lime deposits and grease on the walls of blood vessels, many perceive as age-related disease. But the clogged arteries that cause blood circulation disorders and, in the worst case, a heart attack or stroke, can also be with the young people. In particular, there are cases of atherosclerosis in humans after the age of 20 years.

As explained by the cardiologist, the overall risk of vascular deposits depends on two factors: genetic predisposition and lifestyle features, the presence of diabetes, Smoking, obesity and lack of exercise.

Heart could hurt the jitters.

So. The cardiologist explained that if the body releases excessive amounts of adrenaline in acute stress, it can cause fatal heart rhythm disturbances. But mostly the threat this represents for those people who already have heart disease, healthy is not usually affected.

However, in healthy people, stressful events can damage myocardium, causing a so-called broken heart syndrome. This condition often leads to symptoms similar to a heart attack. Responsible for this are stress hormones-adrenaline and cortisol. Primarily from this syndrome affects women over 50 years old.

Excess cholesterol harms the heart.

So. According to Heriberto Brück, too much cholesterol in the body can lead to the deposition of his lumps on the inner walls of vessels and to their damage, thereby increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

As a rule, beware of “bad” LDL cholesterol, but even the supposedly “good” HDL cholesterol is currently a matter of controversy, says an expert. To what extent HDL cholesterol really good for your health, there is no clear assessment, the expert said.

Tap water calzificio the heart and blood vessels.

This is not so. Lime from drinking water does not accumulate in the body, does not cause hardening of the vascular wall and cause atherosclerosis, says Dr Pant. In his opinion, the lime-containing tap water is even good for health because it gives the body important calcium.