The carpenter of Peru made a wooden VW Beetle as a gift for my daughter

Плотник из Перу сделал деревянный VW Beetle в подарок для дочери

The carpenter of Peru, Bienvenido Ortega did, at first glance, impossible thing – built a Volkswagen Beetle with a fully wooden body and on the go. The history of this unique car, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” began in 2017-th, when the daughter of Bienvenido – Aneli asked for your 15th birthday party with friends and all wood car. The girl said that the gift of the car needs to go to new York on their own.

The first car made by the hands of the master from Peru, was like one of the classic Chevrolet models. To your destination, the sedan did not reach – the car broke down, and visa issues didn’t allow the handyman to fix it. Car Ortega gave to friends, and had returned home.

The creation of the second car in the carpenter took almost nine months to this work he devoted only a weekend. For a new project, the master took the chassis and engine are from two different Volkswagen Beetle, restored them and made the body of the Cinchona tree in the spirit of the model 1968. By the way, this type of wood very similar to mahogany. In Peru it is used in the furniture production.

Currently, Peruvian carpenter spent on the road for over two months – way to new York isn’t short. Until he reached the wooden “Beetle” only to Florida. To the destination Ortega plans to travel July 5 – the day of the 17th anniversary of his daughter.

Плотник из Перу сделал деревянный VW Beetle в подарок для дочери