The carriage awaits: Regina todorenko, the photo showed the “true Princess”

Карету подано: Регина Тодоренко показала фото "настоящей принцессы"

Presenter shared a picture taken during a romantic weekend with my husband

Regina todorenko during the quarantine more time at home with her husband Vlad Topalov and her son Michael. But the star and then have to leave for shooting and drive for work. Leading does not forget to pamper the fans live, and recently staged a soulful evening together with your loved ones and even sang under its accompaniment. Also in this difficult time the star warm pleasant memories and greeting cards. So, on the holiday weekend in early March, Regina and Vlad had to go to St. Petersburg and walking around the city. Now they are happy to share photos from your phone and have warm memories of the days spent together.

Presenter and blogger has published in Instagram a happy frame made from drawn by the white horse of this carriage fit for a Princess. The star of “the eagle and Tails” radiant smiles for the camera.

Her on – trend plaid loose coat, a scarf a stole dark blue shade, comfortable lacquer ankle boots and cropped black pants. Regina hair freely developed, and the ears are visible earrings-pearl.

  • “I cried” Regina Todorenko touched by the story about the boy and was surprised by the statement

Leading fans immediately flooded her with compliments, noting that she could easily claim the title of Princess.

  • Very beautiful
  • Beauty
  • That’s a cool photo
  • Cool!
  • So cool
  • Mila
  • For this Princess carriage awaits!
  • Cool

A screenshot of the review

Карету подано: Регина Тодоренко показала фото "настоящей принцессы"

Карету подано: Регина Тодоренко показала фото "настоящей принцессы"