The cars of the future may interfere with Wi-Fi

Автомобилям будущего может мешать Wi-Fi

New car technology information exchange “car vehicle” (V2V) and “vehicle and the road infrastructure” (V2X) will surely make driving more safe. Unfortunately, there is information that signals of Wi-Fi networks can interfere with this exchange.

Ford has asked the Federal communications Commission in North America and announced the results of their research, which showed that signals of different Wi-Fi transmitters cause interference with car engines.

Signals all kinds of automotive radars and cameras, which are designed to protect pedestrians, prevent accidents and record infrastructure around the car, can not real-time work due to the interference.

Although the problems are of a technical nature, they appear to be wireless spectrum, and thus to the competence of the communications Commission. The Federal Commission late last year proposed to re-allocate the frequency spectrum for the communication of the vehicle with the infrastructure did not coincide with the Wi-Fi signals, but the interference issue is not solved.

Technical experts reacted to the proposal with skepticism, and recent studies of automotive companies prove them right.