The case Demchyn SAP accused the anti-corruption Bureau in

Через справу Демчини САП звинуватила Антикорупційне бюро у

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office published the draft suspicious transaction reports to the first Deputy Chairman of SBU Paul Demchin. In SAP noted that almost immediately after the dispatch of the suspect to them for approval, it became known to the defendant in the case.

About it reports a press-service of SAP.

The Department explained that on 14 September on the official website of NABOO “allegedly forced to released the information that constitutes the secret of pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings on the fact of possible illegal enrichment and other crimes, first Deputy Chairman of the SBU”.

As indicated, by a strange coincidence, almost immediately after the direction on the coordination in SAP project notice of the charges, the first Deputy Chairman of the SBU, it became known to the defendant in the case. SAP does not consider it a coincidence and, given the attempt by the NAB to draw Parallels between this case and the case of the Minister of infrastructure, regards it not only as a backstage game of heads of National bureaus
stated in the SAP.

The Department also rejected any accusations of disclosure of the investigation materials of Demchin and demanded to NAB the actual evidence “to the allegations, and secondly, to explain why the notice is made “suddenly”, without any coordination with prosecutors without full implementation scheduled in the case of a complex investigation (investigation) and legal proceedings”.

“Given that any veil of secrecy of the investigation in this case NABOO today is already broken, we wdos unprecedented step published at the discretion of all concerned the draft suspicious transaction reports to the Deputy Chairman of the SBU, which really came to SAP in the late evening of Friday, 07.09.2018. I hope that the draft reports of suspicion were not developed and were not prepared in the dark in the urban-type settlement Kozin,” – said in the EPS.

It also said that SAP is ready later in detail to explain why the document could not be agreed upon by the Prosecutor.

Recall, 13 September it became known that Paul Demchina applied to the GPU that the detective NABS made against him reports of suspicion on the basis of obviously inaccurate data.

On the 14th September, the NAB explained that it had prepared a message of suspicion Paul Demchin of illicit enrichment in connection with the acquisition of expensive assets for unofficial funds.

Who is Paul Demkina? Lieutenant General, first Deputy Chairman – head of the Main Directorate for combating corruption and organized crime SBU. Journalists found information about civil wife Olga Demchyn, Woloschuk, which owns 4 luxury cars, lives in a two story house that also has outbuildings, an indoor pool and a gazebo. She also owns land near a manor in Petropavlivska borshchagivka. Mother Demchyn in recent years became the owner of two-bedroom apartment in new building in Rivne and house of 170 square meters in the suburbs of the regional center. In the paper Declaration Demchyn these States do not exist – he did not declare any property and registered in the hostel of the SBU.

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