The case of the fire in the house Asvadurov: law enforcement officers found a scapegoat?

Дело о пожаре в доме Асвадурова: правоохранители нашли стрелочника?

Odessa community is concerned about the arrest in the case of the fire in the house Asvadurov on the Trinity of the famous poet Andrew Geckogo, who is charged with violation of established by legislation requirements of fire security, entailed death of people and damage to property in especially large size (part 2 of article 270 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Haecky held the position of Deputy Director of the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business for administrative and economic work, but shortly before the fire he resigned from the school. In addition, he was responsible for fire safety.

Nevertheless, on may 15 Odessa in absentia reported about suspicion, and may 22, the court chose the measure of restraint in form of detention without possibility of release on bail. Last night the former Deputy Director of the Lyceum was transferred to the detention unit.

The police say that Andrew Checki hiding from the investigation. According to friends of men, this is not true:

“He passed on business as the witness, did not live in the parents, what the investigator knew. May 11 went to a winery to a friend. When I read in the media that he was informed about the suspect (in absentia – Ed.) back on may 21st and he came to the investigator. He was handed the notice, a summons to court on the measure and questioned. On consideration of the petition for election measures of restraint 22 may Andrew also independently came to the Kiev district court, where he was taken into custody,” says one of the friends Geckogo.

Currently, he is the most stringent measure of all the defendants in the case.

High school Andrew retired in November: the 4th, he warned the leadership that he was leaving for health reasons (he had a complicated heart surgery), and 18th order was signed with the phrase “by agreement of the parties.” After Geckogo as Deputy Director for quartermaster took Tatyana Solovey, but it is in this case only as a witness.

“Due to the fact that he passed the case of the Nightingale, remained in the hands of his officials [instructions], which States that he was not responsible for fire safety, but indicated that he had to organize the learning process of the responsible persons, – says journalist Elena Rotari. – Responsible for fire safety throughout the school were Alex Smith and the case at Trinity – Tatiana Khomych, as evidenced by transaction payment for their training. The last was in September 2019. By the way, the session judge under the recording said he was aware that those responsible for fire safety at Trinity is Fomich.

In the case of Koval called responsible all teachers. Do you think Kowal was somehow attracted? No, of course. Missing in business and the fire inspector that in 2017, gave the Director’s conclusion that the building meets fire safety standards. These documents were seized in gschs in December 2019, and the fire inspector is still working and on the same principle of checks Polytech. These case materials are in Factory district court of Nikolaev, which considers the case of Fedorchuka. Do you think the Prosecutor’s office they seized? No.”

Friends Andrew Geckogo believe that it is trying to make a “scapegoat” and sent to jail – element pressure based on the fact that Odessa will break and will sign an agreement with the investigation. Andrew serious health problems, and send him behind bars is the real torture, they believe.

In support Geckogo expressed by many well-known public figures, volunteers and even officials. The appeal will consider the complaint to the Kiev regional court elected a measure of restraint 28 may.