The case of the stolen scooter in the Kherson region: to steal and drown

Дело об украденном скутере на Херсонщине: угнать и утопить

For four hours the staff of the Department of Berislav of Kherson region the police found the stolen scooter Suzuki. It was stolen in the night from the yard of a 42-year-old resident of the village ol’hivka.

Neighbors of the victim remembered that some guy looked into her yard. It turned out that this 16-year-old inhabitant of another village l’vove.

At the same time, the Department received a call from a fisherman that was found in the river, submerged rocks scooter. This was stolen from a resident of Olhovki vehicle.

The teenager admitted that he wanted a ride, stole a Suzuki, and then decided to get rid of the evidence.

But that will not relieve the infringer of liability – a large fine or even imprisonment for up to 5 years, reports the Division of police of the Kherson region.