The case Savchenko and Ruban was moved to June 19

Рассмотрение дела Савченко и Рубана перенесли на 19 июня

May 31, Brovary district court of Kyiv region has postponed the trial of suspects in the terrorism of the extra fractional Deputy of Hope Savchenko and former head of the public organization “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban on may 19, according to Facebook, the assistant people’s Deputy Irina Yuzik.

“The court in Brovary. There is Savchenko, has Ruban, “trade” no. Prosecutors again delay a song about the measure that they have already managed to send in advance. But somehow sad delay, well, not very confidently. The court postponed on 19 June 11.30″, – she wrote.

The press service of the Prosecutor General announced that the hearing was once again postponed from-for absences of lawyer rubana.

“Given the urgency of a decision on the application against the suspects a preventive measure, and the corresponding application filed in the court 7 may 2019, by prosecutors at trial filed a petition raising a free defender and the hearing. A panel of judges in the petition denied”, – informed in the GPU.

According to investigators, the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko and Ruban was planning a “large terrorist attack” in the center of Kiev. For this purpose, they allegedly agreed to supply weapons with the former leader of the militants “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. Both of the defendant from March 2018 were detained. In August the Prosecutor General announced the completion of the investigation against Savchenko and Ruban.

Savchenko does not admit his guilt. “If I wanted to blow up half of Kiev? Like every sane person, I have a comic desires. I wanted to, but not half of Kiev and the Verkhovna Rada”, – said Savchenko edition of “GORDON” in February 2019.

Lawyer Ruban Valentin Rybin said that his client was ready to plead guilty to he was released for two Ukrainian soldiers being held by militants “DNR”. According to Rybin, after the completion of the investigation Ruban to plead guilty not going.

The period of detention Savchenko and Ruban expired in the night of 16 April. The court hearing on extending his remand began on 13 April, it was postponed until April 15 because of the lack of lawyers. At midnight on the 15th of April 16, Brovarsky gorrayonny court of Kiev region was released from custody Savchenko and Ruban.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that the release Savchenko and Ruban was made possible due to the lack of judges, the reluctance of some of them to do their job and use the protection of the accused permitted by law manipulation “with infinite changes of lawyers.”

The court hearing on this matter, which was held on 7 may, was postponed from-for absences of lawyer rubana.