The Cassini spacecraft captured images of a new unexplained phenomenon

Before disappearing, the probe has served its purpose and finally took a picture of the largest moon of Jupiter.

Зонд Cassini запечатлел на снимках новое необъяснимое явление

Just a few days before the Cassini space probe disappeared in Jupiter’s atmosphere, it is captured in pictures of the largest moon – Titan. It became known that on the surface are methane and tanouye lake.However, the pictures were also a new inexplicable phenomenon. The fact is that scientists assumed that in summer over the Northern latitudes of Titan must be a great accumulation of clouds, but in the pictures you can clearly see the planet’s surface, and hence the calculations of astronomers was incorrect or had errors.A scattering of lakes that were discovered in the photographs already received their names: Kraken Mare, Punga Mare, Ligeia Mare.According to researchers, Titanium is the most suitable for life earthlings celestial body, and thus for colonization. It has a dense atmosphere, the truth is the majority of nitrogen also has a large number of hydrocarbons and liquid water. However, it is worth noting that the Titan is very cold. However, scientists believe that the level of technology in the future will easily solve this problem.Astronomers already long enough are in search of celestial bodies, which people would be able to colonize, but their work brings only indirect evidence of the existence of such planets or satellites.

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