The causes of deterioration of metabolic processes in the human body

Причины ухудшения обменных процессов в организме человека

Doctors told what is the reason for the occurrence of metabolic disorders in the human body. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

Experts noted that the deterioration of metabolic processes, primarily related to genetic predisposition to the problem. In this case it is necessary to speak about the lack of certain enzymes that stimulate the metabolism. Equally important are problems with the excretion of waste products from the cells of the human body. Indicators of metabolism during the aging process. This is due to hormonal imbalance. Especially this problem is actual for women during menopause. It was at this time the majority of the fair half of mankind, the most actively gaining weight.

Bad for the exchange process and the presence in the body of different kinds of parasites. It is, for example, about the worms. You should pay attention to which drugs you have to use. Some of them are also able to impair the quality and rate of metabolism. Worsen digestive processes and as a result of stress. And, of course, have an effect on the metabolism of the harmful ways of humans. Alcohol abuse and Smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle slow down the digestive processes.