The Cavanaugh accuser will testify

Обвинительница Кавано даст показания

The woman who was accused of sexual harassment Brett Cavanaugh – candidate Donald trump for a vacant seat on the Supreme court, has agreed to testify in Congress. This was announced by attorneys Christine Blazey Ford. At the hearing, scheduled for next week, should also make himself Cavanaugh.

This Thursday his nomination for the Supreme court was to approve the special Commission of the Senate, but in connection with the sounded charges, it was decided to postpone the meeting for another time.

The President of the United States Donald trump is convinced of the innocence Cavanaugh:

“He’s a remarkable man, a brilliant mind, a wonderful judge. He’s perfect in every way. In all. I am sad that he is forced to go through all that to be honest with you. I am very worried about him. This man does not deserve this.”

The scandal surrounding Brett kavanaugh broke out a few days ago. Blazey, Ford told reporters that in the early 80s on one of the student parties drunk Cavanaugh along with a friend attempted to rape her. According to the woman, the young men forced her into the room, threw her on the bed and tried to tear the clothes. Sam Cavanaugh all allegations are categorically rejects.

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