The CEC stated that it is willing to reconsider the decision on registration Klyuev and Sharia

ЦИК заявила, что готова пересмотреть решение о регистрации Клюева и Шария

The situation with the registration of the CEC, candidates for associate of Viktor Yanukovych, ex-the regional Andrey Klyuev and anti-Ukrainian propagandist Anatoly Sharia is gaining momentum.

The Supreme court in its decision on Andrey Klyuev Anatoly Sharia and allegedly did not oblige the CEC to register candidates in people’s deputies, but only recommended to reconsider the decision for him. That is, the decision allegedly remained for the CEC.

The head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General Sergei Gorbatyuk allegedly said about what passed in the CEC proof of residency Klyuev in Moscow, and the CEC says that allegedly did not receive anything.

CEC adopted decision on the registration of Sharia and Klyuyev allegedly because otherwise, the printers did not have time to print the ballots. In addition, the CEC considered that there is no right not to register Klyuev and Sharia, since all the grounds for refusal was considered by the court as insufficient and no new. Well stated in the recommendatory decision of the Supreme court and, in any case, in order to avoid possible complications in the future, the decision was made.

But, realizing that this is an unprecedented case, the Commission is ready 3 Jun to reconsider its decision.

“I declare that if any of the state bodies in the near future CEC will provide at least one proof of residence of these persons during the last 5 years outside of Ukraine, I will personally make a decision to cancel their registration,” he wrote in Facebook the CEC Secretary Natalia Bernatsky, thereby acknowledging that the decision was questionable.

“Consider it a matter of honor CEC to request more documents confirming the absence of these citizens on the territory of Ukraine for five years, and to remove from registration of Messrs Klyuyev and Sharia! Tomorrow I will raise this issue at the Fairgrounds and I think that colleagues will support! Ask all the relevant authorities, without waiting for requests CEC to make the information available!” – I wrote to another member of the Committee Irina Efremova, also his words actually confirming that the CEC – reinsured and have not sought the documents earlier (although the Prosecutor General’s office says that has provided them).

Here’s just a “matter of honor” and “responsibility” appeared after the adoption of the decision on registration. And to cancel it would be difficult, can just be tightened all the answers – the law allows. But time – no.

Andriy Klyuyev, the accused in the violent dispersal of the Euromaidan on the night of 30 November 2013, received the legal right to claim a place in the new Parliament. Although 2014 was officially declared wanted, and the data about crossing the state border after 11 January 2014 at the border there. However, the court Klyuyev said that is spelled out in Donetsk, and the accuracy of this information, Ukrainian law enforcement officers to check right now is not able for objective reasons. Attorney General’s office informed the CEC that in a criminal case is clearly established that Klyuyev past five years, lives not in Ukraine. However, the Supreme court considered the letter of the GPU is insufficient evidence.

With Sharii all seems more clear. The blogger left Ukraine in 2011-2012 after being accused of shooting in one of the institutions of fast food. In 2013, he received refugee status and he has repeatedly stated publicly that is not on the territory of Ukraine since 2012. The CEC in court provided the minutes of the meeting of the OSCE, where he performed the wife of Sharia, which publicly stated that they with his family for seven years not living in Ukraine. The Supreme court decided that the minutes of the meeting of the OSCE – it’s not proof, reported Лига.net.

Released on the protest of outraged Ukrainians warned it will not tolerate such abuse and outright lies in the eyes of all people. Two hours on the Maidan gathered a thousand people. If the CEC and Supreme court do not understand each other, and shameful decision is not cancelled, the protesters will be higher and the protest will be tougher, wrote in Facebook volunteer and activist Roman Sinitsyn.