The CEC terminated the authority of the district Commission in Ternopil

ЦИК досрочно прекратил полномочия окружной комиссии в Тернополе

Okruzhky No. 163 violated the law during the formation of precinct election commissions.

The Central election Commission of Ukraine ahead of schedule stopped powers of all members of the district election Commission of the territorial constituency No. 163 (Ternopil) for the election of the President of Ukraine.

At the CEC session on Tuesday it was found that okruzhky No. 163 violated the law in the formation of election commissions, the press service of the CEC.

In particular, the Commission breached the principle of proportional share of each category of posts in district election commissions for each candidate, giving an advantage for appointment of heads, their deputies and secretaries of election commissions for individual presidential candidates.

The CEC cancelled the relevant resolution of an okruzhkom No. 163 of March 10 and early termination of powers of all its members.

Presidential candidates from now until the end of the day March 14 can make representations to members of the district Commission No. 163.

After the formation of the OIC it until March 16, 2019 shall form district commissions with the steady observance of requirements of the law.