The celebration of light: the main questions about the biggest light show in the world

"Праздник света": главные вопросы о самом большом световом шоу в мире

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Every year millions of tourists come to Lyon “Festival of lights” is one of the largest light shows in the world.

Euronews responds to basic questions about the holiday.

When we celebrate the “Festival of light”?

The first day of the Lyon city holiday – December 8, but usually the festival lasts for several days. This year it starts today and will end on 9 December.

Last year, the city has a population of 500 thousand people have visited 1,8 million tourists.

What happened to this tradition?

The history of the holiday is rooted in the distant 1852, when the residents of Lyon decided to erect a monument to the virgin Mary on the Fourvière hill, which rises to the West of the city centre.

A monument wanted to open in September, but due to severe flooding the opening ceremony was moved to December 8th. On this day, the plans of the citizens violated thunderstorm, stihov only in the evening.

After dark, the residents of Lyon spontaneously began to light the candles as a sign of unity and solidarity. Because of the multicolored stained glass, the light from the candles was transformed into the present light show.

In the 60s, this tradition turned into a competition between stores that have tried to come up with a bizarre glowing decorations for their Windows. With the beginning of the “Festival of lights” begins the Christmas season in the region.

The modern “Festival of lights” – it’s dozens of sophisticated light show leading artists who drastically transformerait the city.

That promise to show at the “Festival of lights” this year?

This year, Lyon will bring 41 installation.

Monumental show design Studio Inook turned the place Bellecour in the city centre into a veritable Playground for the characters of the popular French cartoon “Anuki”.

The cartoon has won great popularity at home and abroad and received several business awards.

"Праздник света": главные вопросы о самом большом световом шоу в мире

Hero French cartoon Anoki rises over the monument to Louis XIV on the place Bellecour in ЛионеInstagram: @cherrymind

"Праздник света": главные вопросы о самом большом световом шоу в мире

The heroes of the French cartoon Anouki on the Ferris wheel at place Bellecour in ЛионеInstagram: @cherrymind

Installation artist from Monaco, Ellen Eastwood and Lyon artist Lorena Brune “Make a wish” (Wish Blow) is a 28 multi-colored spheres scattered around the square Antonina Ponse in the city centre.

Spheres resemble the heads of dandelions and represent the wishes, hopes and dreams, which, as artists, cannot fail.

"Праздник света": главные вопросы о самом большом световом шоу в мире

Installation Wish, Blow on the area of Antonina Ponse in ЛионеInstagram: @cherrymind

Architect and artist Jacques rival has placed on one of the Lyon area “Big tree” (Big Tree). Immediately after the festival the 16-metre light installation will turn into a Christmas tree and will delight residents until December 31.

"Праздник света": главные вопросы о самом большом световом шоу в мире

The installation “Big tree” at Republic square in ЛионеInstagram: @cherrymind

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