The Chairman of Sony explained why the company was the first to miss E3

Председатель Sony рассказал, почему компания впервые пропустит E3

In November last year, Sony announced that in 2019 it will miss E3 for the first time in 24 years

the existence of the event. The official reason at the time – studying different ways of interacting with fans, in which the most famous game show does not fit. Today appeared new details about the decision of Japanese corporations: in a nutshell, the show lost its relevance.

In an interview with website CNET announced the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Sean Layden (Shawn Layden). According to him, in 1995, when the first E3, the event helped the nascent gaming industry. In those days the exhibition was needed primarily to sellers of video games who were looking for new games for their stores, and the journalists, told about the new products.

Today the Internet has become so affordable and sellers, and journalists are no longer the main driving force E3. In addition, the exhibition is held annually in June and late season purchases for retailers. Yes, and Sony is February’s Destination PlayStation event, where they invite all the retailers.

So one of the main reasons for the refusal E3 Leiden calls the permanence of the exhibition in recent years, the event failed to adapt to existing realities, being “trade exhibition without much trading activity”.

Another reason, according to Leidenwas the format of the event. Now E3 is a source of great announcements this format is not always consistent with the current strategy of Sony. Some time ago the company decided to release fewer games but spend to develop them more time to produce really big entertainment. So at E3 2019 developers simply nothing to submit to all unannounced projects not yet ready for public display.

Laden added that to maintain relevance to the organizers of E3 we need to radically reconsider the idea of his exhibition, making it look like a Comic-Con. He believes the format of the festival dedicated to video games where the developers closer contact with the gamers, can refresh an outdated concept.

Председатель Sony рассказал, почему компания впервые пропустит E3