The Chairman of the Melitopol district court was faced with judicial injustice

В Мелитополе председатель горрайонного суда столкнулся с судейской несправедливостью

The Chairman of the Melitopol city district court, Viktor Fomin, personally encountered judicial injustice. To assert their rights he is going to the Supreme Court, and is ready to reach the European court of human rights if necessary.

Recall, Viktor Fomin – judge with 30 years of experience fell into disgrace after making a series of resonant solutions, working in the Solomensky court of Kiev and considering case “bold” politicians and businessmen. RIA-Melitopol reported earlier.

Recalcitrant judge refused to extend a business trip in the Solomensky court and the High Council of justice issued a reprimand. Victor Fomin sent a cassation complaint to the administrative court about recognition illegal and cancellation of the decision, which it denied renewal of term of business trip in Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv. However, the court of cassation on 31 January refused to open proceedings on the complaint. On his page in FB Victor Fomin explained why he decided to sue and told about the motives of the refusal of the COP.

– The decision of CAS is motivated by the fact that the trip extension is the right GRP and GRP in this decision are not violated my rights as judge. I appealed against the decision of Parliament, not because it is “exploding” in Kiev (I am sincerely loyal to his team and his work at the Melitopol city district court), but only because I can’t be taken two completely opposite decisions in the same circumstances, according to the same documents, – written in FB Victor Fomin. – The second decision of the GRP, in my opinion, has exclusively political importance, as me, as investigative judge of the solomiansky district court of Kyiv accepted the procedural decision on many resonant criminal proceedings NABOO and the ARS in relation to top officials.

I think this attitude on the part of the GRP unjust and illegal. And it was justice and the rule of law – principles of the judicial system and legal proceedings. The foundations of justice! Everyone should be equal before the law and the courts. My professionalism and experience do not allow me to pass such a discriminatory attitude, as a judge with 30 years of judicial experience. And this despite the artificially created problems that have arisen after consideration of the resonant material NABU and SAP. To the solution of the GRP and VCXO was perceived by the judges, the society is not as politically motivated, and not as the prosecution of judges for their decisions of high-profile cases and materials. To presidential Decrees or decisions of GRP inexplicably dropped unwanted and independent judge, who in subsequent months in limbo, waiting to transfer to the newly created courts. And not the fact that such decisions are made.

Refusing to open proceedings on the complaint of CASS, sun came to the conclusion that my rights are in no way compromised despite the fact that one and the same subject, at one and the same document to the GRP takes two completely opposite solutions. In the first case decides to send me on a trip to the Solomensky court, and after a few months of failing. The motives of refusal of acceptance, to put it mildly, questionable, more like politically motivated. Well, of course the failure of GRP does not affect my interests (as specified in the definition of CAS), despite the fact that my family had another four months for a lot of money to rent an apartment in Kiev. And of course, the refusal does not affect my interests, despite the fact that the child-a second-grader during a school year was forced to change schools, back to Melitopol, experiencing tremendous stress.

Of course, each person’s understanding affected or not affected the interests are totally different. As for my feelings after the adoption of the above described solutions, I believe that they are politically motivated and more like revenge for accepted me as the investigating judge of Solomensky court of Kiev the decision on resonant criminal proceedings, – he explained his position Victor Fomin..

In addition, he also decided to appeal to the Supreme Court the decision of the High Council of Justice, which he was disciplined for something, the investigating judge made the decision on transfer of the arrested property of the former Director of the Lviv armored plant in the management of ARMA.

– After reviewing my complaint on the decision of the Disciplinary chamber of regional 02.11.2018 G., whom I reprimanded, 10.01.2019 g. GRP left only one episode, which considers disciplinary violation, and applied to me by the referee. However, I can not agree with this course of Affairs. So I will defend their rights in the Supreme Court until the European court of human rights, – wrote Victor Fomin.