The chamber has voiced claims to the NCRC by the audit

Счетная палата озвучила претензии к НКРСИ по итогам аудита

In the work of the Telecom regulator revealed a number of gaps.

The chamber has identified in the work of the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communications and Informatization (NCCIR), “a number of risks and shortcomings”. The results of the audit of the Telecom regulator received a “conditionally positive” evaluation of their activities.

The auditors found that the NCRC acquired tangible assets and for long time did not bring them into operation. The Agency, for example, in January of 2019 entered into trial operation the electronic document management system with an original cost of nearly 2 million UAH. But over the next year in its commercial operation, the Commission has not imposed.

The Supreme audit office also drew attention to the risk of non-compliance with Agency law and the private normative documents in public procurement. And also recommended to develop and approve the regulation on pre-threshold procurement.

The chamber noted that the presence of a significant number of vacant positions can lead to poor performance of tasks and functions of the institution. In fact, in 2019 in the office of the national Commission worked 202 people while limiting the number of 300 staff members. That is, every sixth position in the office were vacant, said a reviewer.

From saving due to vacant posts NCCIR sent 10.7 million UAH for payment of premiums. However, the chamber has recommended to revise the limit and optimize the number of staff of the office of the national Commission.

In financial and budget reports to the Telecom regulator for 2019 auditors found a distortion amounting to 36.4 thousand. They were credited with and paid for sick leave in 2018.

In its report, the chamber pointed out the absence of the national Commission slotting. This increases the risk of untimely reporting and its accuracy, said the auditors.