The chamber urged the need to amend the budget: where to get 5 billion UAH

Счетная палата призвала срочно внести изменения в бюджет: где взять 5 млрд грн

Valery Patskan suggested by the authorities a few options.

The head of audit chamber Valery Patskan suggested the Verkhovna Rada to urgently amend the state budget for 2020, redirecting 5 billion to minimize the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, reported the press service of the Ministry.

“The chamber is quickly analyzed the state budget for 2020. We have clearly seen that there are opportunities to redirect at least 5 billion to support medicine. And this is money for the purchase of those things which now are lacking in Ukraine – protective medical masks for the public, test-systems, devices of artificial ventilation of lungs” – he said.

In particular, says Patskan, for such cases in the state budget provided for a reserve Fund.

“Today is not allocated 1,4 billion UAH. The allocation of funds from the Fund occurs according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Therefore, the chamber, invites the Government not to delay it”, – said the head of the audit chamber.

The second source, which can use the government that its decision to distribute the funds provided to local budgets for equalization subsidy – 0.2 billion UAH. To date, these costs are Unallocated.

However Patskan said that so far not started its activities, the Bureau of financial investigations, and therefore 0.3 billion UAH, which were provided for the financing of this institution can also be routed to the epidemic.

“To improve the financial situation it would be possible to postpone the expenditures under the budget program “Statistical observation”. And it is a lot of money – 1.2 billion UAH. They could go, in particular, on measures to establish a complete objective picture about the real number of infected coronavirus in Ukraine”, – said Patskan.

He also added that two months of the current year took place the savings in the payment of certain types of benefits, compensation, allowance and payment of services to certain categories of the population.

We will remind as reported earlier Patskan, in January-February this year, the devaluation of the hryvnia and the excess government borrowing over the repayment of government debt increased by UAH 46.4 billion.