The Chechen was arrested in Poland on suspicion of terrorism

Чеченец был задержан в Польше по подозрению в терроризме

The court has already taken the decision to deport the suspect. While he is under deportation arrest.

The internal security Agency of Poland, in cooperation with border guards detained a Chechen with Russian citizenship, a suspected terrorist, according to local newspaper

As the press Secretary to the Minister coordinator of special services of Poland Stanislav Zharin, the detention took place on 30 January.

“Previously, for security reasons, we were not informed about the actions of the internal security Agency”, he added.

Court of Poland has already decided on the deportation of Chechen. While he is under deportation arrest.

The suspect on the territory of Poland are engaged in activities of a terrorist nature in favor of the terrorist organization, said the intelligence Agency of Poland. Also according to them, he interacted with another Chechen, which Poland had expelled earlier, on suspicion of having links with the “Islamic state”.