The child was abducted, beaten and threatened with a gun: from Kiev said about the terror ex-husband

Ребенка похитили, били и угрожали пистолетом: киевлянка заявила о терроре бывшего мужа

In Kiev, Poznyaky two men snatched his mother from the hands of 10-month-old baby and fled with him.

As told Dnia the child’s mother angelina of Sáránd, the kidnapping occurred on 28 June in the street urlovskaya, 12 (W/m Poznyaki). That day I ran to her, her husband, from whom she had previously gone with a friend – according to her, they were holding a knife and a pistol. They allegedly threatened the woman and beat her and sprayed her in the direction of the gas. After they took the baby and disappeared.

According to angelina, she previously lived had been married for 27-year-old husband Paul of 2.5 years. With them lived his mother, older sister 10-year-old daughter and younger 26-year-old brother. Angelina claims that she suffered from battered husband and mother-in-law.

According to her, unable to bear this, on June 18 she took the baby and left. The woman also added that they have already officially filed for divorce. Angelina believes that in this way the man decided to take revenge and to take back the baby.

She also wrote a statement to the police and claims that 6 July be held on the court. In a press-service of the Kiev police Department said that the statement really arrived, but criminal proceedings have not yet discovered.

“I am very worried for the son as he is there, than feed it and hope that the publicity will help me to get back son,” the woman reported.

Angelina also says she worries about the health of my son, as he’s still breastfeeding and the father is supposedly a vegan and opposed to the feeding of meat or fish. The woman told that she is now expressing milk and hoping somehow to transfer his son and added that she experiences almost to the 40 temperature increases.

“I don’t know what he is feeding our son. I had on breastfeeding. And the child’s father is vegan and strongly against the feeding of meat or fish. I am also a vegetarian, but I understand that the child should eat a healthy diet and get vitamins. I am very worried. I can tell you even more – even when I lived there (with her husband and his family), the mother-in-law when I was out for a few hours to work (she works in a salon) to calm the boy, shoved his chest,” says angelina.

Also, the publication noted that the baby’s father, could not be reached.