The children want to eat – there was a video with actors “Quarter”, begging money from Kolomoyskogo

Дети хотят есть - появилось видео с актерами "Квартала", просящими денег у Коломойсокго

Archival video in which the actors of the Studio “Quarter-95” I congratulate the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky happy birthday and jokingly asked to repay the debt, appeared in a Network. Video in Facebook has published a user Maksim Pavlov.

At that time the artists performed in Kremenchug and decided in a peculiar manner to congratulate the oligarchs of the holiday. Video shot himself Zelensky on your mobile phone. Each of the actors of the Studio congratulated the birthday boy in a joking manner, if requested to return at least a small part of a huge debt. In the video there are Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Alexander Pickalov, Valery Zhidkov Yury Crappie, “Yuzik”, and others. The video, presumably recorded in February 2017 at the gas station SOCAR. The birthday of Igor Kolomoisky 13 Feb.

It should be noted that Kolomoisky does not negate the fact that his TV station owes to “Quarter” a huge amount. The exact size of the debt oligarch called. Media reported that the debt may reach $ 10 million.