The Chinese acquired 50% of the Ukrainian stock exchange

Китайцы приобрели 50% украинской фондовой биржи

The Chinese commodity exchange, Bohai Commodity Exchange has acquired the shares of joint stock company “PFTS stock exchange” in the amount of 49.9% of the share capital.

Simultaneously, the company Primeview LTD (8.5 per cent, Belize), Dakal LTD (9,37%, Belize), Crookston Limited (9.06% of the, Belize) and Boline LTD (of 9.21%, Marshall Islands), the beneficiaries of which is unknown, came from the owners of the PFTS stock exchange.

The company Parvana LTD has reduced its stake from 8.9% to 0.11%. At the same time, “Company asset management and pension funds’ administrator “Altana investment Management” increased its share from 2.3% to 5.1%.

In early December, 2019 BOCE announced the intention to acquire a 49.9% stake in the Ukrainian stock exchange PFTS.

At the time of filing notice BOCE (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. and its affiliates held shares of the PFTS.


In December 2018, the Antimonopoly Committee has approved re-enroll BOCE on the acquisition of shares in the PFTS in the amount of more than 25%, as may a request he turned down.

BOCE – largest spot commodity exchange of China with an annual turnover of $ 1 trillion.

The company was founded in 2009 with the participation of private Chinese investors, several public companies as well as municipality of the state of Tanzini, China.

Bohai Commodity Exchange in 2017 became the owner of Ukrainian Bank of reconstruction and development.

The assets of PFTS in the first nine months of 2019 has decreased by 21.3% – to 44.71 million UAH, equity capital – by 21.5%, to 43,39 mln.

Three quarter of 2019, the volume of trading on PFTS amounted to UAH 77.7 billion, or 37.8% of the turnover of the stock exchanges of Ukraine, and on this indicator lags behind the PFTS stock exchange “Perspektiva”, with a share of 60.8%, but ahead of “Ukrainian stock market”, with its 1.4 percent.

The PFTS trading volume for the period was 94.2% were in government bonds.

Китайцы приобрели 50% украинской фондовой биржи