“The Chinese are coming” – Haval F7x was better Renault Arkana

«Китайцы наступают» - Haval F7x оказался лучше Renault Arkana

Chinese crossover Haval rapidly from “broke” to the Russian market, forcing the competitors to “fear”. Better than Haval F7x main classmate in the face Renault Arkana?

Kupeobrazny body is mainly inherent to the expensive brands, such as BMW with its X6 and model Mercedes-Benz GLE-coupe, cheap cars with such forms in the Russian market was not until he came to Renault and have not submitted a budget kupeobrazny crossover Arkana. In a trace behind it caught up and “Chinese” with the release of its new Haval F7x, which is the statement of autoblogger YouTube channel “Clickoncar” better “Arcana” in everything.

Haval F7x is equipped with only a 2.0-liter engine producing 190 horsepower, which is paired with a robotized transmission with two clutches. Inside the “Chinese” looks much more interesting than the Renault Arkana: large screen multimedia system, a virtual dashboard and interesting selector switch.

The “French” things are much worse: the old system of media that does not work, “old-fashioned” analog meters and cheap materials, but the fit the driver better “Arcana”, as the seats are more comfortable in “French”, and the flight steering closer to the driver.

“Podveshan have Hawala gorgeous!” – said the blogger, speaking about the work of the chassis driving on a very rough road. The “Arcana” also works well suspension, but on rough roads the suspension is louder, which adds to the discomfort. On a level road Haval F7x lacks sensitivity steering and transmission are not completely shifts gears quickly, but if you enable “sport” mode the car becomes more “whipped”. Renault Arkana better tuned for ride in the city, as it “more nimble”, not only in terms of controllability but also in terms of dynamics: “for the city – the perfect setting, she quickly responds to the gas and the wheel” – said the blogger.

«Китайцы наступают» - Haval F7x оказался лучше Renault Arkana

«Китайцы наступают» - Haval F7x оказался лучше Renault Arkana