The Chinese are planning to carry out landing a man on the moon

Китайцы планируют осуществить высадку человека на Луну

According to media reports, the Chinese are studying the possibility of landing astronauts on the moon. This decision was announced by Deputy head of the Center for lunar and space research of the Chinese national office Yu Guobin.

As reported by Panorama, according to Chinese officials, many countries are considering, because since the mission “Apollo-17”, which was implemented in 1972, the foot of man never walked on the lunar surface.

Initiative to land on the moon. He also said that in recent years many States with particular enthusiasm undertook exploration of the moon, the result of which was created many interesting programs and projects that can be implemented in the future. China is also considering a number of initiatives aimed at the study of the moon, but many of them, most likely, will not be realized in the near future.

Китайцы планируют осуществить высадку человека на Луну

Americans first and only set foot on the moon

The US plans to land on the moon. In the spring of this year announced a us President Donald trump, stating the necessity of sending U.S. astronauts to the moon within the next five years.

It was also announced that “the next man and the first woman on the moon will become citizens of the United States”. According to the draft budget of the U.S. space Agency, astronaut landing on the moon should be implemented until 2028.

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