The Chinese authorities warned the public organization of the responsibility for the distribution of fakes in the period of epidemic

Власти Китая предупредили общественные организации об ответственности за распространение фейков в период эпидемии

The Ministry of civil administration of China warned the public organization of the country about the inadmissibility of spreading false information or illegal activities during the period of the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type. This is stated in a statement released by the Ministry on Thursday circular.

“Public organizations that disseminate false information or involved in illegal activities during outbreaks of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type will be subject to severe punishment”, – the document says.

Companies on registration of public organizations should develop their plans for the prevention of the epidemic is emphasized in the circular.

Surveillance authorities NGOs at all levels is proposed not to carry out activities for studying and training, “not to create congestion of people”. The Ministry also urged the population “to report their problems over the phone.” This measure is also aimed at preventing the crowds at the public reception in civil cases.

Naponim that by Thursday the total number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in China reached 7711 people, 170 of those infected died.