The Chinese Beijing BJ212 SUV has been updated for the first time in 55 years

Китайский внедорожник Beijing BJ212 обновился впервые за 55 лет

The Beijing BJ212 SUV went through the largest in your life upgrades.

Easy Beijing BJ212 jeep was designed for the Chinese army.

In this design “two hundred and twelfth” are reminiscent of the model GAZ-469, although “Chinese” stood on the conveyor to 7 years earlier.

SUVs Beijing for a long time was not available in the free market, and their restyling was doing only when absolutely necessary.

In 2008, the Chinese Armed forces have refused the purchase of obsolete BJ212 and updated its fleet with new vehicles.

Despite this, the automaker BAIC not only continues production BJ212, but also spends the largest in the history of SUV upgrades.

The first prototypes of the improved vehicle was spotted three years ago, and at that time the project involved external changes, but in the end the experts decided to keep the recognizable “face” of the SUV. The rest of the improvements in varying degrees, has been already tested on other frame models of the company BAIC, which in the line a lot.

A key feature is the upgraded suspension. Beijing BJ212 got a new frame with increased by 160 mm to a wheelbase of 2460 mm, and the suspension has given way to the springs, while the back remains solid axle and front independent double wishbones. The length of the car increased from 4080 to 4340 mm.

The body has undergone major changes: the model has received wide rectangular door, variant with fully enclosed body, but the fifth door is still inaccessible to the SUV. Extended the wheelbase and pushed back the sofa has provided more space for passengers. The interior received new seats, updated front fascia, with updated appliances, steering wheel and door cards.

For the performance of Beijing BJ212 meets established two years ago, the 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with 136 HP and 200 Nm of torque, which is produced under license from Mitsubishi. As the transmission is a 5-speed manual transmission and rigidly connected full drive with reduction gear.

The cost of the upgraded Beijing BJ212 has yet to be announced but it is expected that the increase will not be serious.

Китайский внедорожник Beijing BJ212 обновился впервые за 55 лет

Китайский внедорожник Beijing BJ212 обновился впервые за 55 лет

Китайский внедорожник Beijing BJ212 обновился впервые за 55 лет