The Chinese doctor carried out an operation on the brain, being at a distance of 3 thousand kilometers from patient

Китайский врач провел операцию на головном мозге, находясь на расстоянии 3 тысячи километров от пациента

Unique brain surgery conducted in China. The surgeon installed a special chip, at a distance of 3 thousand kilometers from patient reports

In the Chinese city of Sanya has been carried out unique operation on the brain. The fact is that the surgeon Ling IPA was not operating and at a very respectable distance – separated doctor from patient 3 thousand kilometers. In the brain of one of the hospital patients were inserted a special chip, performing a deep stimulation of the body. This technology helps physicians better monitor the condition of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease as well as reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

The surgeon inserted the chip using a special device connected to the operating screens. Operation guide Ling IPA was performed using mobile Internet. To do this, the surgeon used a device that support 5G, which allowed to perform the surgery without any delay after submission of commands and freezes the image. Note that the 4G technology has not yet got rid of these shortcomings. Therefore, for unique operations took network 5-th generation. We will remind that earlier doctors called signs of development of malignant neoplasms at men.