The Chinese have built the bus for 250 people

Китайцы построили автобус на 250 человек

The Chinese company BYD built the world’s longest bus on electricity.

Length three-section bus BYD K12A is 27 meters. Has a capacity to hold 250 people. The movement of the bus causes an electric powerplant, and a single charge lasts up to 300 km. At a speed of 70 km/h.

Ell bus más grande de la historia de los eléctricos, el BYD K12A hecho para @transmilenio BRT y otros sistemas del mundo, evitará 193 tons de CO2 equivalentes a sembrar árboles 8,900 and???? pronto transmitiremos desde nuestra casa matriz @Shenzhen, China @BYD bus Colombia – BYD Eléctricos Col (@BYD_Electricos) April 1, 2019.

The BYD bus K12A was built by the Chinese at the request of Colombia – in this country, he will be operated on the route for high-speed buses in TransMilenio (BRT).