The Chinese have developed a device that charges your smartphone by walking

Китайцы разработали устройство, которое заряжает смартфон от ходьбы

Engineers the Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed a portable sensor that can charge your smartphone while walking or running.

Writes the sensor is mounted on three points on the leg: the calf, knee and Galena. Attached to the brace rod attached to the thigh of a person. Another bandage is fixed on the calf. While walking is a special slider performs a translational motion. The weight sensor is 307 grams.

During speed of 2 to 6.5 km per hour, the researchers were able to achieve a capacity of 1.6 microwatt. Is the speed of normal walking. This energy can accumulate and then charge portable electronics, such as smartphone.

While the development is under testing. However, in the future, developers want to produce mass product, which could become an alternative to portable batteries, because to charge the gadget, it is necessary to walk a bit.

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