The Chinese vaccine against the coronavirus test military

Китайскую вакцину от коронавируса протестируют на военных

Recombinant vaccine COVID-19, developed by the Chinese specialists, was approved for military use in the country, according to a company statement CanSino Biologics.

Recombinant vaccine COVID-19 (based on the adenoviral vector) Ad5-nCoV jointly developed CanSino Biologics, Beijing Institute of biotechnology Academy of military medical Sciences of people’s liberation army of China, June 25 received a special permit for a period of one year from the Directorate of hygiene and health of the joint force logistics under the Central military Council (CMC) of the PRC.

It is reported that the first and second phases of clinical trials indicated the vaccine were held in China, the resulting test data showed a good level of security and a high level of humoral and cellular immune response.

“The overall clinical results show that the vaccine Ad5-nCoV has the potential to prevent diseases caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”, – said in a statement.

The company stressed that the vaccine Ad5-nCoV is currently restricted to military use, for wider application will need separate authorization from the appropriate Department of the CMC of the PRC.