The Chinese woman was making pancakes on the office computer: funny videos

Китаянка приготовила блины на офисном компьютере: смешное видео

Nutrition in the workplace in the office is hardly varied. Sandwich. Salad. Sandwich. Fast food. And again the sandwich. However, few people come to mind that you can take with you to work raw foods, disassemble the computer and use it to prepare hot lunch.

As an office worker who decided to turn their workplace into a barbecue area with a computer instead of a brazier. The girl even made a whole video about how to cook a delicious pancake stuffed with directly behind a Desk.

For Breakfast, the Chinese used cooking utensils, and everything that falls under the arm. Instead of blades, the girl chose a toy propeller, and firewood for the stove served as a decorative basket of flowers. As the plate used the system block.

The girl carefully disassembled the computer, took out all the utensils and placed inside the wood. After dinner, she cleared the block, re-assembled the computer and as if nothing had happened went back to work.

Office worker took detailed video of this ridiculous process:

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