The choice is made, Antin mukharsky admitted to the country in which it is located – 24 Channel

Вибір зроблено, – Антін Мухарський зізнався, в якій країні він оселиться - 24 Канал

Ukrainian showman, TV presenter and writer Antin mukharsky finally decided, the country in which to live. His decision, he announced in an open blog.

As you know, in February 2018 Antin mukharsky left Ukraine. According to him, the cause of emigration began a relationship with his second wife Snezhana Egorova. Subsequently, the actor admitted the difficulties he encountered abroad.

And after prolonged litigation and sentencing judges are not in favor of Antin Muharsky showman decided in which country to live. According to him, together with his new wife Elizabeth Belsky person located in Sunny Turkey.

The choice is made! Osellas in Antalya, – said Anton mukharsky.

Showman said that in 6 months of exile, he managed to live in Greece, Spain, USA and Canada. And yet the country choice was to Turkey. He Antin mukharsky explained why Antalya will be comfortable for his new family.

“We decided to settle in Antalya, Turkey for three reasons: proximity to home (to fly 2 hours and 15 minutes); fantastic sea, climate, food and prices; the opportunity to organize tours, concerts and creative meetings “For Ukrainians only” for those who seek to identify themselves Ukrainians even abroad”, – explained Anton mukharsky.


Recall that the divorce of Antin Muharsky and Snezhana Yegorova is still one of the most discussed topics in the Ukrainian show business. The pair could not agree on an issue concerning parenting of their three children and alimony. At the end of 2017 mukharsky stripped naked and hung underwear on the door of the Obolonsky court, in protest for the acceleration of the consideration of his case. After lengthy meetings, the court decided that the man should pay 8 thousand hryvnia for each child.

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