The city Council of the Dnieper river nearly 1,500 will purchase coffins

Горсовет Днепра закупит почти 1500 гробов

About what kind of funeral paraphernalia, the city Council will purchase this year, and how much it will spend money from the budget, please read the Informant the Money.

18 Jan KP “Ritual service” Dnieper city Council announced a tender on the purchase of funeral merchandise. This company is going to spend up to 2.42 million UAH. Delivery of goods until 31 December 2019.

According to the tender, KP this year is going to buy 850 neolitich coffins without external and internal upholstery from a dry pine. Apparently, they are intended for the free burial of the unknown or rootless citizens. Another 625 square coffins are upholstered in silk, satin, velour, velvet and outside with foil, and decorated with a metal cross or a rose. Also this amount will be included 77 hexagonal coffins, externally upholstered in satin, velvet and zinc inside, and 93 lacquered coffin. Four, six and lacquered coffins are likely to be used by order of citizens, or to the funeral of well-known figures of the city. Except the coffins will be purchased other funeral paraphernalia: 1450 artificial wreaths, wooden crosses 590, 50 plastic crosses for coffins, 200 glass lamps, 510 blankets, 300 napkins for coffins, 350 pillows, satin sheets, 1000, 350 towels.

It is not the first purchase of KP. In February of last year “Ritual service” signed a contract for 2.10 million UAH. According to the agreement, the company purchased 850 not covered coffins without internal and external upholstery, 780 square coffins, 90 hexagonal coffins, varnished coffins 85. In addition to the coffins, KP in 2018 920 purchased artificial wreaths decorated with silk flowers, 770 wooden crosses, 50 plastic crosses for coffins, 130 glass lamps, 400 blankets, 400 wipes, coffin, 400 pillows, 200 blankets and a pillow case, 1100 satin sheets, towels 450 and 500 funeral sets.

Maksim Krasikov.

Горсовет Днепра закупит почти 1500 гробов

Горсовет Днепра закупит почти 1500 гробов