The city of Kharkiv has lost a court of renaming the Avenue Zhukov. Officials of the city Council poured green paint

Мэрия Харькова проиграла суд о переименовании проспекта Жукова. Чиновника горсовета облили зеленкой

In Kharkiv, the Second administrative court of appeal upheld the decision of District administrative court, which recognized illegal the renaming of prospect Grigorenko in honor of Georgy Zhukov. About this Facebook said the head of the northeast branch of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Maria Takhtaulove.

“Victory! Zhukov has no place on the map of Kharkiv”, – she wrote.

As reported on the website of the municipality, after the trial, the Deputy Director of the legal Department of the Kharkov city Council Konstantin Prokop rear was attacked by three people and doused it with green paint. The official managed to photograph one of the attackers. Prokop was taken to the hospital for examination.

During the trial, Prokop’ev advocated the renaming of the Avenue.

Prospekt Marshala Zhukova in Kharkov was renamed Prospekt Petra Grigorenko in 2016 in the framework of the implementation of the law on decommunization. In this prospectus, remains the bust of Zhukov.

8 may 2019 on the website of Kharkiv city Council was published a petition with a proposal to return the Avenue Grigorenko its “historic title”, and change the name of the nearby subway station. On may 9 a petition for the renaming of Avenue received the required review by the local authorities number of votes. The mayor Gennady Kernes argued that the return of the name of Georgy Zhukov at the map of the city will become a manifestation of “historical justice.”

May 10, at the time Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich said that to rename the Avenue in honor of the Zhukov would be a violation of the law.

On June 19, the city Council of Kharkiv supported the decision to return the Avenue Grigorenko Marshal Zhukov. Return the name in the decision is justified by the fact that “the life and career of Zhukov were associated with resistance and expulsion of the Nazi occupants from Ukraine, but also the liberation of the city of Kharkov during the Second world war.” In support of this decision voted 59 deputies, against – 13.

On 10 November the Kharkiv district administrative court overturned the decision of the city Council. On the same day, the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes promised to appeal the decision.