The climate ambitions of the EU

Климатические амбиции Евросоюза

Pollution of the atmosphere, apparently, is accelerated. At the UN Conference on climate change in Katowice announced that carbon dioxide emissions will grow this year by 2.7% compared to 2017. In the European Union, they will fall by 0.7%. The main “neocortical” — the US and China.

“Let’s face it: the EU has taken a leading position in the Paris forum 2015, since we updated our climate legislation. So, in a sense, Europe has done its homework, said green MEP Bas Acout. But in Poland, raised an important question: how to close the gap between what we promised in Paris, and that performs all over the world? For the answer all eyes will be on Europe. Does she do more? But Europe has no future plan”.

And yet, neposredstvenno before opening СОР24 the European Commission unveiled its climate strategy. The task: by 2050, to catch, to absorb and neutralize as much greenhouse gases as the EU throwing them away.

“Europe cannot act alone – said the Deputy from the European people’s party Angelica Delaya. – It accounts for only 10 percent of greenhouse emissions. The Europeans must now negotiate with other world powers and units that are responsible for the remaining 90 percent. And between them the Europeans must decide in the process of reducing emissions does not harm the sustainability of our economic models.”

However, within the EU there is a different level of commitment to transition to clean technologies. Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are less willing to bear the ensuing victim. And the most ambitious, the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg.

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