The clothing brand Kanye West sued: accused of fraud in the amount of $ 600 000

На бренд одежды Канье Уэста подали в суд: обвинили в мошенничестве на сумму $ 600 000

Japanese textile company, Toki Sen-I Co have filed a lawsuit against the clothing brand Kanye West Yeezy.

According to company representatives, the rapper didn’t pay for a large order fleece fabrics for his clothing line. Toki Sen-I collaborated with Yeezy in 2015, but did not receive payment for the last order.

According to the documents provided to the court in June 2018 Kanye signed a contract for the supply of fleece fabric $ 624 000. The company tried to contact the rapper, but got no response.

Now Toki requires payment and costs for its storage – representatives reported that from 50 kilometers of fabric to get quite difficult. They tried to sell the fleece, but the fabric was so specific that buyers are not found.