The coach of the national team of Ukraine called women who run “independents” in östersund

Тренер сборной Украины назвал биатлонисток, которые побегут "индивидуалку" в Эстерсунде

Senior coach of the Ukrainian biathlon Andrew Prokunin told who he expects in the individual race at the world Championships.

This is the first Prokunin determined with only two biathletes who will take part in the next race.

While we look at the dynamics on the health of girls. Will run exactly Yuliya Zhuravok, just run Valentina Semerenko, the other two girls think. We’ll talk with them, talk with your doctor
– quotes Prokunina Sport Arena.

The remaining two places in the race will qualify Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim and Vita Semerenko, as they have in the magazine team at the world Cup.

The biathlon world championship kicked off March 7th and runs until March 17. The first race was a mixed relay, which was won by Norway. The Ukrainian team took only 7th place. On Friday, March 8, hosted the women’s sprint, which was won by Anastasiya Kuzmina.

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