The collapse of a bridge in Italy: in Genoa has officially stopped the search for victims

Обвал мосту в Італії: у Генуї офіційно припинили пошуки загиблих

In Genoa collapsed bridge Morandi

People coming on foot to the ruined bridge: who can look at the pieces of the design, someone to pray

Rescue operation in Genoa and completed. MoE dismantled the wreckage of the bridge and officially declared missing people anymore. Last got the body of 30-year-old man. Officially, the result of the collapse of the bridge 43 of the victim. Responsible for the repair of a ferry company “Autostrada” has promised to help the victims and rebuild the bridge. But apologizing will not. Meanwhile, hospitals are still affected. Among them Ukrainian. A woman with her husband miraculously survived. As a recovering Genoa later in the story.

The rescuer Angelo and his dog flay will now sleep better. For several days partners worked near the bridge Morandi in Genoa. Looking for people under the rubble. 3-year-old fly breed border collie specially trained to save people in earthquakes. Even has a certificate. The skills came in handy here.

Now that the special operation to search for people was completed, the team concentrated its efforts to consolidate the surviving parts of the crossing. Now travel across the bridge is prohibited. However, people come here on foot. Who look at the pieces of the design, someone to pray.

“We went on that bridge that day, because I was planning to go to Serravalle. The woman who stood behind me, she too was saved. More can not say anything,” says one of the women.

In hospitals, dozens injured and is still recovering from the tragedy. Among them – Ukrainian Natalia Elina and her husband Eugene Babin, a native of Moldova. The day of the crash, the pair rode the bridge at precisely the moment when it collapsed. Their car flew tens of meters, but Natalia and Eugene miraculously survived – and escaped with only bruises and fractures.

Meanwhile, the company “Autostrada”, which lay responsibility for the tragedy, promises to restore the crossing and the financial help to all the victims. To overcome the consequences of the collapse of the plan to allocate 500 million euros. About his decision, announced immediately after the General ceremony of farewell to the dead. The leadership of the “Autostrada” expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and all those affected, but to apologize for the collapse of the bridge refuse. Say: to monitor the condition of the bridge was in the Ministry of transport.

Responsibility for the tragedy on the authorities to lay some of the families of the victims. They even gave up the common graves with the participation of the President and the Prime Minister in Genoa. And arranged a farewell ceremony in another city.