The collection of cars of James Hetfield from Metallica will show all (VIDEO)

Коллекцию машин Джеймса Хэтфилда из Metallica покажут всем (ВИДЕО)

Part of the rich and unusual car collection musician will become the core of a thematic exhibition.

James Hetfield is mainly known as the frontman, singer and songwriter of the thrash metal Quartet Metallica threshing groups, at the time, asked the basic canons of the genre. However, in narrow circles of connoisseurs of retrocars Hatfield know how passionate collector, restorer and Customizer.

10 cars from the personal collection of musician will put on public display. The famous “Petersen Automotive Museum” in the USA announced the exhibition in the end of last year, but now it became known the exact date of opening: exhibition titled Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection will be available for visiting on March 1 of this year and will last until Oct.

The basis of the exhibition will be a selection of retrocars, creatively modified versatile genius of James Hetfield. Among them, for example, Jaguar 1948, Auburn 1936, Ford Roadster 1932 Lincoln Zephyr 1937. Each car has its own name – “the voodoo Priest”, “Skyscraper”, “Pink Ghost”, “Black pearl”, “Iron fist” and the like.

Company cars will be personal belongings of the musician – guitars, amps, photographs (including describing the process of building custom cars) and other collectable records. In addition, it is known that 5 may will be released a book entitled Reclaimed Rust: The Four-Wheeled Creations Of James Hetfield, describing how a collection of Hatfield and the attitude of the artist.