The combination of immunotherapy Bristol-Myers superior to chemotherapy in survival in lung cancer: study

Комбинация иммунотерапии Bristol-Myers превосходит химиотерапию в выживаемости при раке легких: исследование

According to the data, about 40% of patients who received a combination of immuno-Oncology Bristol-Myers Squibb Co Opdivo and Yervoy as the initial treatment of progressive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), remained alive after two years. These data were presented at a medical meeting on Saturday, September 28.

The combination of cancer drugs was superior to chemotherapy as first-line treatment for the most common form of lung cancer. Medical scientists have proven that 33% of patients who received the new therapy are still alive after two years of use of drugs.

Observational data were presented at the meeting of the European society for medical Oncology (ESMO) in Barcelona.

Patients were divided into two groups. Both groups had tumors that were expressed 1 percent and had a higher protein level PD-L1, which was aimed new drug Opdivo.

The representative of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co Opdivo also said that a preliminary analysis of patients whose tumors were detected lower levels of protein, also showed approximately a 40% survival rate two years after the use of medications, compared to 23% for patients who received conventional chemotherapy.

Opdivo and Yervoy compete with such drugs as Merck & Co, Roche and others, who aimed at the destruction of several types of cancer.

Keytruda Merck has a dominant position in the treatment of lung cancer. New data Bristol-Myers, confirm that the situation on the market of Oncology products in the near future will not change.

In July, Bristol-Myers announced the first results of the study, showing that Opdivo in combination with chemotherapy failed to prolong overall survival of more than one chemotherapy in progressive NSCLC. Chemotherapy plus Keytruda has shown the ability to prolong survival compared to chemotherapy in studies sponsored by Merck lung cancer.

Separately, Bristol-Myers has published data on five-year survival rate of patients with advanced melanoma – the most deadly form of skin cancer.

New York-based drug manufacturer said that the five-year survival rate was 52% of the proportion of patients who received the combination of Opdivo.