The commercial court rejected the AMC in forced recovery 6.5 billion from tobacco companies

Хозяйственный суд отказал АМКУ в принудительном взыскании 6,5 млрд грн из табачных компаний

The commercial court has suspended production of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) enforcement proceedings 6.5 billion UAH distributor “Tedis Ukraine” and the four tobacco manufacturers

“The economic court has considered the petition of the AMC for the arrest of accounts in an amount equal to the penalty the decision of the AMC. The court rejected the request”, – quotes the edition of the comment of the head of Department on work with state bodies “British American tobacco Ukraine” Yury Rylach by the court.

According to Relace, earlier Economic court of Kiev refused satisfaction of the claim of the company regarding the fine, the company will continue to challenge the decision in the second instance and has no plans to pay the fine.

“Unfortunately, the decision was not in our favor. We appealed to the court of Appeal and now open the appeal proceedings”, – noted Relac.

The company also does not preclude the filing of a claim in international arbitration, this issue is considered at the level of headquarters in London.

In addition, according to the Director of Imperial Tobacco, corporate and legal Affairs Julia Zavalishin, Imperial Tobacco has repeatedly stated that it disagrees with the decision of the AMC the allegations of anti-competitive actions and fines, and will also continue to challenge it in the relevant courts.

“Therefore, the claim of the AMC regarding the arrest of accounts of the us was perceived as an attempt of pressure on the operations of the company. To avoid such pressure and penalty fees, we were forced to pay the fine in full after the judgment of first instance was not in our favor”, – quotes Agency the words of Zavalishin.

The publication reminded that the AMC has imposed a fine in the amount of 6.5 billion for anticompetitive concerted actions on the four cigarette manufacturers and distributor of the “Tedis Ukraine”.