“The Commission is 10 thousand”: ATM “Sberbank” brazenly robbed the client of Nizhny Novgorod region

«Комиссия - 10 тысяч»: Банкомат «Сбербанка» нагло обокрал клиентку из Нижегородской области

A woman brought in a bill acceptor of Sberbank of 53 thousand rubles. Of them credited was only 41 thousand, on the Bank that anything intelligible is not explained.

The Russians have already got used that banks like Sberbank or VTB hope they have discounted a certain amount of money under the guise of writing off for some questionable services. Usually, in such cases, operations remain in the statement that gives you the opportunity to prove actual misappropriation of funds. However, there are the same “savings” where customers remain without money and are unable to prove their case.

In such a situation was recently a resident of Sarov in Nizhny Novgorod region. A woman faced fraud “savings” in time to replenish the balance on the card. On my case it said on the website Banki.ru.

So, a client of Sberbank explained that on February 21 decided to Deposit a large sum of money in the amount of 53 thousand rubles. Taking cash: 35 thousand pyatitysyachnyj bills and 8 thousand years a local resident went to the ATM, where previously once more counted the money and put them all in one bundle in terminal. The unit of “Sberbank” counted the money and returned one bill with a nominal value of 2000 rubles. This woman at first did not attach importance to, but soon was when I saw that green ATM counted only 41 thousand rubles. 10 thousand “disappeared” in an unknown direction.

Realizing that there was some mistake, a resident of Sarov called the “hotline” and left a request for a refund. After a while it came the answer that the reason for this, the Bank sees. In fact, the ATM of Sberbank brazenly robbed the client. “Commission” for services of the apparatus thus amounted to 10 thousand rubles, and the woman could not prove his innocence.

«Комиссия - 10 тысяч»: Банкомат «Сбербанка» нагло обокрал клиентку из Нижегородской области

«Комиссия - 10 тысяч»: Банкомат «Сбербанка» нагло обокрал клиентку из Нижегородской области