The Committee recommends the Parliament to adopt the revised bill on the media

Комитет рекомендует Раде принять доработанный законопроект о медиа

The Committee of Parliament on humanitarian and information policy recommends that the Parliament adopts in first reading bill on mass media.

Source: Committee Chairman Nikita Poturaev, quoted by the press service of the Parliament

Direct speech Poturaeva: “so Much of the discussion was only, perhaps, the law “On land market”, and perhaps we had more… It was a discussion with the industries, professional societies, European experts, etc.”

Details: the Committee decided to recommend the Parliament adopt the draft law No. 2693 (modified) in the first reading

Poturaev noticed that the large bill, which was prepared by the deputies of the two convocations, and held a very large number of discussions and consultations.

He says, today finalized a draft law supported by the vast majority of industries.

The discussion was also attended by representatives of the national Council on radio and television, National Union of journalists of Ukraine, Internet Association, media lawyers.

In particular, the representative NUJU believes that “the law creates greater risks for freedom of expression and not so much solve problems as create new ones.”


  • At the end of November 2019 Alexander Tkachenko presented together with the Ministry of culture draft law on the media, it raised the issues of registration and taxation of mass media, independence of the editorial staff from the resource owner and the settlement of bloggers.
  • Dec 27, deputies from the “Servants of the people” was submitted to Verkhovna Rada a bill 2693 on the activities of the media. The initiator of the bill became, in particular, the former General Director of “1+1 Media” Alexander Tkachenko. Was later released the text of the bill.
  • Among other things, it is assumed that the subjects of the video may not be owned or receive funding from citizens or legal entities of the state-aggressor (Russia), distribute materials containing promotion or propaganda organs of the aggressor state or false news about the armed aggression and the actions of the aggressor state, etc.

Комитет рекомендует Раде принять доработанный законопроект о медиа

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