The company gained nearly $ 2 million from the sale of solar energy

Укртрансгаз выручил почти 2 миллиона от продажи солнечной энергии

JSC “Ukrtransgas” for the 2018 rescued 1.9 million UAH from the production and sale of solar electricity.

SES Ukrtransgaz has developed a 308 MW*h of electricity in 2018. All station produce electricity from December 2017 branch Ukrgazmerezhi in full sells at the “green tariff” GP “energy”.

In 2018, the company was able to help out on this 1.9 million UAH.

Electricity consumption by branch Ukrgazmerezhi in 2018 amounted to 225 MW*h. This means that the power output allow the 100% to cover the own consumption of the branch with the opportunity to provide the difference to third parties in the amount of 79 MW.

Generated in 2018 the amount of electricity would be enough for year-round meet the needs of modern residential 24-storey “candles” or an average of about 50 private houses, the company said.

Ukrtransgaz is considering options for the installation of alternative energy sources to supply remote small objects of GTS.

The SES was commissioned in early 2017. It consists of 1140 solar panels with a total capacity of 300 kW.

In theoretical calculations, the station needs to generate 400 MWh of electricity per year, with the greatest amount of power – 55 MW*h per month in July and the lowest of 6.2 MWh per month in December.

The results of the pilot operation of a solar station Ukrtransgaz other group companies Naftogaz is also planning to install solar power.

Укртрансгаз выручил почти 2 миллиона от продажи солнечной энергии