The company Mars One, which is to colonize Mars, declared bankrupt

Компания Mars One, которая должна колонизировать Марс, признана банкротом

The company Mars One Ventures that in a few years promised to send people to Mars, declared bankrupt. This decision was made by the court in Basel, Switzerland.

As told by the founder of the project, the Dutchman Bas Lansdorp, while he tries to find an acceptable solution in the negotiations with all stakeholders to save the project. Reports the Engadget.

Mars One was created in 2011. According to the plan, the company had to send an expedition to Mars to establish the red planet on a permanent colony. People had to send in one direction – their return was not planned. The launch was planned for 2022. Subsequently, however, the launch was postponed to 2024, then 2026.

Who was supposed to fly to Mars. Apply to become a colonizer of the red planet, could be anyone. In 2015, the organizers have selected 100 people. To hit a hundred Ukrainian Sergey Yakimov. True planned only sent 24 astronauts.

However, experts in the field of space did not approve this project. In particular, they noted that at the modern level of technology development to fulfill the plan unrealistic. Even if the company managed to send astronauts to Mars, the effects of radiation will have a very detrimental effect on human health.

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